399) Hyperparathyroidism Çonsult

July 29, 2010

Last time I saw Dr. Lewis, he was perplexed about the situation with my continued high calcium, so he referred me to Dr. Paul Moore, an endrocinologist. Well, after one missed appointment where the doc was at the north office and they scheduled me at the south office, we finally met for a consult today.

Dr. Moore and I discussed my medications, health history (including the early thymus treatments and the HHT) and he called around for the latest lab work that Lewis' office was supposed to send. Even though others have explained to me many times, Dr. Moore reviewed the problem: hyperparathroidism. I took notes this time, since this is now an "official" diagnosis we are adding to my collection. 1) Sensipar increases the sensitivity of the parathyroid gland to calcium levels in the body, decreasing the level of parathyroid hormone, calcium, in phosphorous. 2) After transplant, sometimes the parathyroid glands continue to increase the calcium... like they are stuck in high gear, and the Sensipar is continued to control the level of calcium so it doesn't go too high. These levels have to be controlled either medicinally or through surgery (hence my appt. with Moore to help decide which is the best course for ME). One bad thing about surgery in my case is he doesn't know which nodule of the parathyroid is the one to zap and taking out the whole works can, in his words, lead to "messy" results. 3) So, Dr. Moore wants to a) check my blood work; b) set me up for an ultra sound and another scan to see is any of the nodules are "hot", and c) meet again to make a plan.

It has been some time since I have posted up here... and yet, I do want to keep folks updated on my ups and downs post transplant. Don't know yet whether this upcoming work on my hyperthyroidism is gonna be an up or a down. Stay tuned and we'll find out together.