419) May Clinic Visit

May 17, 2011

Clinic visit with Dr. Lewis. Scrotum is healed sufficiently. Kidney function is fine. Next appointment set for lab work early July and clinic on July 11!

Now onward for the Kerrville Folk Festival!


418) Update & Mom's Day Weekend

May 7, 2011

Scrotum Update: It is Saturday again and I thought it a good idea to update readers on my last surgery: have been back to Dr. Lewis for two visits and all is healing well. The fluids are gone and so far not returning. There is a nice little scar. For a week and a half afterwords I wore a jock to keep things secure, and had some generalized pain, but really; the healing has been less painful than I thought it would be.

Mother's Day Musings: I am home alone this weekend; Liz with her friends at their annual "girls weekend" at Rocky River Ranch
and Shayna is in Houston at a soccer tournament, so Chelsea and I are here for a quiet weekend of yard work and reminiscing about our mothers and the women we have made into mothers. Many of my friends are putting their mom's pics up on FB as their profile pics this weekend, and in finding one I liked of my own mom, from my early, formative years, it brought back many memories. Many are quite hazy now and yet when I look at them, I have this longing attachment way down deep. This year that feeling is especially poignant since the passing of my older kids' mom, Carol, last fall. I feel, in addition to my own sense of loss, their new sense of loss -- their first Mother's day without their mom. And that associated sense links to my own, more healed sense of loss and brings it back toward the surface this weekend.

I honor both of those women today and tomorrow will add the mother of my last child, Liz.