My First Time

So, I made sure I had lots of things to finish up at the office, making preparations for tomorrow's training, etc., and finally drove over to El Milagro Dialysis Center, getting there about 10 minutes late. Liz was already talking to the social worker, Marilyn. I was more anxious than I thought I would be.... not about getting stuck or anything....just the anxiety about a new experience that has to force itself in to my life without my inviting it. For the sake of keeping my internal locus of control I found a tag line to introduce myself to the new environment:

"Hi. I'm Jack. I'm a dialysis virgin. Please be gentle with me cause its my first time"

This got a minor reaction from Marilyn social worker, but the nurses and techs loved it! The head nurse, Phyllis, laughed heartily at my tag and was soon telling it to the other workers (about 7 people) when they came to check on me in my chair (amongst the other 30 or so chairs inthe room) and adjust the machine, or check my readouts, or see to my needs.

Liz left and I was left with learning more than enough information bits to ever remember. The whole dialysis machine and what it does is fascinating and I'll describe it in a later posting. The pain was minimal and my fistula was again "ooohed and aaahed" by the staff. I must have a famous fistula and I have enjoyed asking my friends and relations to touch it and watch their surprise as they feel the 'buzz'(more on this for the un-initiated later too). I found out about the machine, how it filters about 40% of my blood, and how they evaluate my balances and toxic drain afterwards. The machine actually warms the blood going back into my system and they can adjust that if I want itwarmer. WOW.

I found out that the important paraphernalia that I must purchase and bring is a universal remote to control my hanging TV. I borrowed one from my neighbor to set a channel to golf. I also was given a workout bag with ear phones, anti-bacterial cleaning solution, a pillow, and a blanket (which I have already traded for one my old cotton Mexican blankets).

So, three hours after walking into "the miracle dialysis center" I walked out a clean-blooded man, thinking this might not be too bad.

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Jack Nowicki said...

wow this seems like a long time ago now on January 16th, 2012! Just was FB messaging Roseanne yesterday and letting her know about this blog... so today am re-looking at all the early posts. The blog is a time machine...