9) Dialysis & Sleep


El Milagro: Just another dialysis session... boring today. Weighed in at 72.9 and out at 72.0.

Later: After dialysis, when I get home, I am usually somewhat drained. I get home, eat dinner, and then generally "rest on the couch", which means I watch some TV or take a nap. Couch-napping is a family tradition in the Nowicki family. When I was a child my dad would frequently come home from work, eat dinner, and sack out on the couch in front of the TV. My son sacks out on the couch when he is here and has nowhere to go. My brother used to sack out and probably still does.

So, anyway, I feel kinda drained when I get home. The night after a dialysis session I sleep better than I have in years! For the last few months before I started dialysis I was having terrible sleep. I couldn¹t get to sleep early; I woke up three or four times to urinate; and I had bad fidgety legs that got me up and wandering around the house in the dark. After dialysis I sleep like a bear in the dead of winter and have vivid dreams. In the morning I awaken groggily and after my coffee I begin to feel great. Feeling great is a blessing!

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Leslie said...

Wow! Once again, you have a new world to share. I feel like I learn so much from you and you continue this teaching by sharing your experiences in learning to live with this new frontier.

Viktor Frankl in his book Man's Search for Meaning suggests that the meaning for life comes from work, love, suffering and the ability to experience. It sounds like you will be able to continue to create a world of meaning.

I will keep you in my thoughts throughout all of this and hope for a speedy fully functioning self-dialysizing kidney soon. How does the waitlist process work?

I started at the top of the blog and heard you weighed in at 72.0 and I thought that was pounds! I was relieved to read at the bottom of the blog that the 72.0 is Kg.!

Sounds like you need lots of good reading material.

Take care and thanks for keeping us all posted.