23) Thursday & Saturday

June 22, 2006

El Milagro:
Before anyone did anything, Diane and Wilma read my dialyzer and ensured it had my name on it. Ron looked at my chart and my check in weight and reported to me that I was checking in at my “dry” weight, 71.5… so how much did I want them to take off. I replied, “What is your suggestion?”. Ron thought that maybe 1 Kg would be good for today. Diane began to cannulate me today and then called Ron over to fix what she had started because she had trouble tapping the arterial vein. Ron wiggled the needle around and then called Rosie over, who started over and easily hit it painlessly. Rosie maintains that she does so well because she has been doing it for many many years and experience is the key. I told Rosie I wished she always worked afternoons.

Notes: In at 71.5 Kg, and out at 70.5 Kg.

June 24, 2006

El Milagro:
I was able to get in at 11:30 am today... a good time for being able to watch the entire match between Mexico and Argentina in the World Cup. Jo and Herman separately read off my dialyzer to ensure that it was labled with my name. Herman cannulated me today and did a smooth, painless job of it. Argentina beat Mexico 2 to 1 in overtime and the center was clearly disappointed.

Notes: In at 73.5 Kg, and out at 70.7 Kg.

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