28) The Saturday Evening Post

July 8, 2006

El Milagro: I get a chair at 1:00 pm. Jo comes over to set me up in the corner chair and asks if I¹ll watch the game tomorrow. She too is for Italia and we share our excitement about the upcoming match. Then Herman comes to cannulate me and as he is doing that Connie comes up and says, "I really enjoy your blog." In front of Debbie, Herman, and Jo, who all show some curiosity about it. Debbie wonders if I have a My Space place too? to which I respond, "Nah. I¹m way to old for that. Just a blog." Herman asks what its about, and I say, "Its about my experiences on dialysis.... here." And he says he¹ll check it out. I tell him he can get to it simply by typing 'quotes Jack¹s kidney adventure, end quotes¹ on Google and it should come up.

I¹m in the southeast corner today, where I can see the whole place and everything that goes on. The room is completely full today. Herman says that even though they are now completely full on all shifts, it is still a good idea for me to call on Saturdays cause you can never tell what¹ll come open.

Today I am reading the new Alex Delaware novel, Gone! Whenever a new Delaware novel comes out I put everything down and read it so fast that it is basically all I do until I¹m done. Then I have that depressed feeling you get when you¹ve finished a book that you wanted to keep reading: it¹s over too fast. I was immersed in it and it was my novel reality. That¹s the way it used to be. In the last few years though, I¹ve learned to pace myself on Alex. I no longer pick it up and read it 24-7 until I¹m done. And I think that Kellerman has changed his writing too, because I don¹t think the books are as grabbing as they used to be. Actually, some people say they are all the same now. Nowadays, I pick it up, read a few chapters, put it down and do something else for awhile before I pick it up again. Now I can drag reading a Delaware novel out to about a week. Every year my family¹s Delaware novel starts with me. Jennifer buys it for me (for Chanukah or birthday) and then it gets passed around to the others; Joan, Liz, Jen, Carol, and sometimes Kim.

I get de-cannulated at about 5:30 and although its a little early to be considered "evening" I have been waiting for the opportunity to use the above title, so I consider this to be the Saturday Evening Post. And away we go.

Notes: Thanks to Hans for his comments on my Ethics Post. He has a way of saying things in a thoughtfully provoking and complicating way that makes me carefully think through each of his assertions, and he is always one of the translators of constructivist thought.

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cheryl martin said...

Hey Jack - It's me - Cheryl. I still don't know if you get my comments, but thought I would give it a try. No words of wisdom. Just want you to know that I am thinking about you, and that I just finished reading The Saturday Evening Post. I am so glad that you are doing so well!! That makes alot of people happy!