37) Trout Sleeping in America

August 1, 2006

El Milagro:
Eloy cannulated me today. I’m still wrapped up in Paris Trout and read furiously until time for the news. Today I’m sitting next to the lady who says “Help!” from under a blanket (see Post # 11 in May). But now I have gotten used to her sporadic calls and they hardly interrupt my thoughts. However, they seem disturbing to the new woman across the way. She can’t see the 'lady who says “help”' (like the "knights who say "Ni"*) and so she is looking around to see who is getting attention. Since the lady who says “help” doesn’t get any attention, the new woman just keeps looking around.

At 5:30 I started watching the news and almost immediately fell asleep. Either the news put me to sleep or I was really tired today…. don’t know which cause I missed the news. Sleeping at the center is getting easier and I have taught myself to do it without moving my left arm, which is attached to my dialysis machine.

Notes: In at 73.6 Kg, and out at 72.8 Kg.

* Knights who say Ni (nd) Retrieved August 2 online from Wikopedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_who_say_Ni
The "new mean guy"s name is Matt.

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