69) Later Thursday

October 26, 2006

El Milagro:
Carol stuck me today after I ran into the clinic 20 minutes late. Here we have this new deal about our starting times starting later and I’m angry about it and so
what do I do about it? I show up later. Good job Jacko. Show them you can be a non-compliant person by coming in later! Oh well… who ever thought I was perfect doesn’t know me very well……

I have a hard time with change, as most of you know. I was ready to come in before 3! So there I am at quarter til 3, ready to leave the office. “Nope.” I say to myself; “Gotta wait another hour”, and I get back to work on my project. Sooner or later Kim comes in (at about 4:15) and says, “I thought you have dialysis today?” and I go, “SHOOT!”, close down my document and run outa the door. Zip across town in less than 10 minutes and here I am.

Phyllis comes by to listen to my heart and data enter my stats and I relax down into my chair and breathe out… as if I’ve been holding my breath since I left my office. Herman isn’t here today and I hear nothing about my letter… not that I thought I would by today. I figure it’ll be a week or so while they percolate on my thoughts.

I watch The News, Survivor, and two Gray’s Anatomy’s and get out of the place by 9:15 and have to shoot back across town to pick up Shayna at Calla’s house cause Liz is at the NASW Statewide Conference in Arlington tonight. So it goes.

Notes: In at 73.3 and out at 71.6 Kg.

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