85) Alamo Bowl WIN

December 30, 2006

El Milagro:
Called in for a 1 pm chair today… plenty of time to see some basketball and the Alamo Bowl, where UT meets Iowa for the first time since 1984, I think. Hopefully it won’t be the same result, cause that time they beat our pants off. Herman cannulated me today and he is really the best! On the second needle I didn’t even feel it! He and I talked briefly about my post # 83: he says they don’t decorate for X-mas cause some people might be offended, but agreed that it isn’t very Hispanic. He reported that when El Milagro o
pened, it was the patients who chose the name. I replied that I thought it would be neat to have eclectic decorations; some Christmas, some Hanukkah, and some Kwanza, all combined throughout the place, with plenty of colored lights around the perimeter.

Watched part of the Mountaineers / Huskies game and then napped and woke up right at the moment the Alamo Bowl was starting. The first half was scary and we dialysis-chair quarterbacks were all moaning and cussing and wincing until Colt got it together and started playing like the star he’s supposed to be. I got through with my session right
as UT scored their go-ahead TD on a pass from McCoy to Charles in the third quarter. It was another of those times when I almost wanted to stay at the center to finish watching the game cause they have ESPN and we don’t at home. When I left the center I was pretty sure UT would win since McCoy seemed to have his arm back and the defense was keeping Iowa from doing much. I reluctantly left and tried to put the game out of my head.

Later: The tower is orange! UT won 26 to 24 and all is well on the 40 acres.
Notes: In at 74.8 and out at 71.8 Kgs.

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cheryl martin said...

Whew! Those were long postings! But, worth reading through to learn about the "un"holy man with tatoos!! I have commented to several people how few cards I received this holiday season compared to the past - and this year I needed them more! I thought maybe it was because people didn't know what to say to me, or thought maybe it was tacky to say "Merry Christmas/Happy New Year" to someone so newly in mourning. Now I learn that I am not the only one noticing less cards!! Maybe it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with me per se - and has something to do in the greater population. Of course, I sent less this year - I wasn't too "merry," so I only sent to people on my list that I thought really needed a card more than me - all my elderly friends, widows, widowers, other recently grieving families (and to them I just let them know that I was thinking about them). So, I got less - also, sent less. I hope you have a wonderful 2007, Jack. Your Cheryl