102) Kidney Day & Phosphorous News

February 15, 2007

El Milagro:
During my dialysis session Herman comes up and reports on his recent visit to the Capitol for Kidney Day as proclaimed by Senate Resolution 82* as February 8th. Herman said that a bunch of kidney enthusiasts, including a contingent from the PKD Foundation in their green t-shirts swarmed the Capitol and sat in the galleys listening to the proceedings before going to visit three legislators. They visited with Kirk Watson, Eddie Rodriguez, and Elliot Naishtat. Naishtat** was the only legislator that actually met with the group and Herman reported that he was very supportive of their plea. Rodriguez saw them coming and shut his door, electing to have one of his staff meet with them and they saw that as less than supportive. I said I wished I had known about this deal and Herman replied that he’ll include me in the future. Even though I missed Texas Kidney Day, World Kidney Day is coming up in March***

Herman also reported that Moritz had said in a meeting that the team approach (signing up to donate and receive a kidney when the donor and recipient don’t match) to transplant is possible here and he will check on the procedures with the transplant folks. Liz later said that she thought that the problem is with our insurance approving that kind of deal.

Later Jennifer the Dietician scoots up on her four-wheeled stool and smilingly reports that my phosphorous is within the NORMAL range (5.2 down from 7.9)! It must be the new expensive binders, Fosrenol… that chalky horse tablet that I’ve been complaining about chewing in the middle of my meals. Well, now it seems much less intrusive and cumbersome; especially if its gonna knock down my phosphorous score. I replied to Jennifer that I can handle the pill and occasional nausea in exchange for lower scores. She also worked with Ron the Nurse to improve the potassium wash the machine is giving my blood (in order to lower my potassium scores), so it looks like we have turned onto Easy Street at last. Jennifer wasn’t so sure but I am enthusiastic about this recent report!

Notes: In at 76.2 and out at 72.7 Kgs.
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* SR 82 recognizing Kidney Day at the Capitol available online at
** Elliot Naishtat’s House Website online at
*** World Kidney Day online at

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