106) Excuses, Excuses

February 27, 2007

El Milagro:
I got to the center slightly late today because I almost got hit on Barton Springs Road by a giant condor!* It’s wingspan was about 43.6 feet, I would guess. It came swooping out of the north and it’s huge talons grasped a lime green VW driving right in front of me. As I saw the giant bird lift the little car in it’s grasp and begin to pull up, I drove my truck right under it’s shadow. As it raised up over the oak trees, a single daisy floated out the driver’s side window and I just caught a glimpse of a blond pony tail as the condor banked and started it’s powerful climb back into the heavens, it's four-wheel prey hanging below. Of course I had to stop to get my breath. And so I was a little late.

Carol cannulated me today. I reported to Herman the Nurse that my initial thoughts about overnight dialysis are written on my blog. That’s about all I care to say for today… as I drift in and out of dreamdom, watching a little brainless boob-tube whenever I come back to consciousness.

Sigh. “And so it goes”, as Billy Pilgrim, the fatalist, would say.

Notes: In at 76.2 and out at 72.6 Kgs.
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*Clark, Llewellyn, (nd) The legend of the giant bird. Retrieved online February 2007 from

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