99) Survivor ~ Fiji

February 8, 2007

El Milagro:
This week I have been the last person in on both Tuesday and today. Partly it is because I get wrapped up in something I’m working on at the office and then loose track of time, leaving for the center at 4 instead of getting to the center at 4. I have to do better cause I really don’t like being the last patient to leave the center. By the time I leave everyone has thrown down their professional demeanor and has turned up the hip hop popular music stations they like to listen to as they clean up and get ready to shut down for the night.

Tonight I watched the news, dozed, and woke up right in time for the first new Survivor* show of the spring season. This series is filmed in the Fiji Islands**. I was pleasantly surprised, since I’d forgotten that tonight was the debut show of this season. I know there are those of you readers who can’t imagine watching such trash and there are probably some of you who would be embarrassed to say you watch survivor… so you pretend you know nothing about it. And then, there are groups of you around who excitedly watch every Survivor series (and you know who I’m talking about, you people who work in an office at a major university sometime known as “The” university). These groups discuss the progression of the show and pick various survivors to root for. As usual, there is a survivor contestant from Texas; Rita from San Antonio and I guess we could support her. But, I have already picked my favorite; Yao-Man, a 54 year old, MIT trained computer engineer from Berkeley. In my estimation, this guy has the right ch'i*** for success in this surviving, I believe. Plus I always go for one of the older guys. There’ll be a female we choose to cheer for too, but we haven’t selected her yet. Maybe it’ll be Rita… we’ll see.

My own group includes me and my daughter, who have watched many of the Survivor series as a father-daughter bonding experience. Now, sadly, we don’t do that anymore since I’m at dialysis during the show. So Shayna watches at home and then she and I discuss it when I get home from dialyzing.

So, there you have the exciting report of my life on Thursday Night. I will survive!

Notes: In at 76.0 and out at 72.8 Kgs.
* Survivor Fiji on CBS available online at
**For Fiji Maps related to Surviror, see http://www.claycritters.com/map/s14/survivor_14_map.htm
***”Qi, also commonly spelled ch'I” retrieved online February 2007 from Wikepedia at

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