110) A Regular Thursday

March 8, 2007

El Milagro:
I am on time again today and Carol cannulates me quickly. The new doctor is doing rounds today and just as I get hooked up, he and Ron the Nurse, Jennifer the Dietician, and Marilyn the Social Worker roll the chart cart up in front of my chair to check with me on “how I’m doing”. I have an audience and yet have nothing really to say. How odd. Jennifer reminds me that next Tuesday is the annual blood letting for the comprehensive labs. I ask Ron how much total blood is out of our bodies in the machine (recalling the hand pumping of last session) and he replies that it is about a pint at a time.

After they leave I listen to NPR’s All Things Considered, watch the ABC News, doze for awhile, and wake up to watch Survivor. As a long-term survivor of Survivor I am not as attracted to this new series on Fiji. One tribe hasn’t won any challenges and the other is practically living in luxury, which is really no fun to watch, as they are able to keep their energy up and the other team slowly slips into oblivion due to the weakness of having no assistance in their survival. Its much more interesting when the teams alternately win challenges. There are a few people in this series that we are cheering for, like Yau-Man. Tonight his tribe loses again and I am beginning to wonder if I’ll continue watching.

So it goes on this “regular Thursday”.

Notes: In at 75.3 and out at 72.6 Kgs.
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