118) Frazzle the Sodium

March 29, 2007

El Milagro:
I tell Phyllis the Nurse and Crystal the Tech my sad story about last session and Phyllis says that she is going to set the machine to "...conglomerate the sodium and fizzle the thing-a-ma-jig". I check my brain to see if it understood, and then I recognize that I have no idea what she just said. I sit there blankly. They compare notes and ideas and speak dialyseeze and I sit there in anticipation; hoping not to have a woozy time of it again. The machine gets poked and dialed, the computer gets pecked, and then I get poked. Crystal efficiently sticks me and we're off and running.

I listen to NPR, then ABC, then doze a little, then watch Survivor (I am now convinced this is the lamest, dullest Survivor series so far) The other day I ran into the one other person who still watches this show and he seemingly agreed with me, although I could tell he is still in love with it, since he only nodded and then went on to applaud one episode. After Survivor I switch channels and watch a bit of Gray’s Anatomy and Crystal shares that it is the only show she tapes to watch after her shift is over.

Around this time I ask Crystal to explain what Phyllis did to adjust the machine and why, and she matter of factly says “Oh. She just set the thing-a-ma-jig to frazzle the sodium”, and I still don’t get it, but now I also don’t care, since I have my after-session zonk going. “Oh” I reply knowingly, nodding my head up and down. I really don’t want more info right now, since the last piece was gobbledygook to my fuzzy brain. (If one of the staff who read this blog would write in to explain this sodium thing, that would be grand.) As I left, my BP was about 118 over something, so I thought that was an improvement over last time.

And so it goes……

Later: My friend, Big Kim, reports that this blog is boring... she doesn't like all the March Maddness and who's sticking me and the "save the world" links, the other "boring" stuff about my every dialysis session. She wants more of my philosophizing and stories and weirdo notions about life on the planet. Well! Let me tell you a funny story about Kimbo... she likes to talk about body functions, so... I promise to write a post in the near future about what dialysis does to urination.

What I said in response to Ms. Kim... "I am documenting the boring, the trivial, the humdrum, and the monotonous. That's the point!"

And I could've added that this is also a report of the repetitious, the tedious, the morbid, the macabre, the absurd, the painful, the bleak, the discouraging, the fetid, the noxious, the debilitated, and the dying. AND it is also a report of the perseverance, the passion for living, the healing of spirit, the acceptance of fate, the elixir vitae of life, the resolve to continue, and the tenacity of folks.

Notes: In at 75.8 and out at 72.9 Kgs.

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