126) The Good with the Bad

April 26, 2007

El Milagro:
Got here late at 4:30 today, after driving in fast from Corpus Christi. This dialysis business doesn’t always mix well with the life of a traveling training troubadour. My BP is 142 over something: San Antonio corridor traffic stress + 80 mph, no doubt. I weighed in at 76.2 (that’s 167 lbs. folks) after two days of gorging myself on sea food at Snoopy’s* and Doc’s. I’m sorry I ate that last bite, but not much.

So, I’m late, and heavy and Carol the Tech negotiates with me to only take off 3 and save the rest til Saturday. I tell her I’m sorry she’ll have to stay til 9 and she says “thanks” and adds, “We’re setting you to finish with the others, since we have to flush the frazzletops tonight.”Cool!” I reply. Nice tech!

So it comes to the fact that we are living in an ordered universe. We run around trying our best to make our appointments, as if our miniscule activity can change the flow of time, or influence the grand scheme that ticks along at it's own majestic pace. When will we realize that we are but pawns in the grand scheme of things? When will be sit back and accept that we will fit into the flow of the Universe in just the way we are supposed to? All the way back from Corpus from the time the girls were getting shrimp sandwiches at Snoopy's on our way out I was saying to myself, "We will move along at our own pace because we just have to keep moving. We will be on time or we will be late. It's just what it is. All things are already perfect and let's not fight it." We are not correcting course to have control, but to stay in the flow of the universe. The sooner we realize that the better off we are. 'Nam myoho renge kyo'... [all things according to (the Universe's flow)]

I settle in for a snooze after the long road trip and wake up for Survivor, of course. My boy Yao Man** is still doing well and that is enjoyable to observe. And then at about 7:50 pm my machine blinks it’s beeping and I’m done. Boy, three hours seems a LOT shorter than four hours. I am holding my poke holes for 10 minutes before Carol tapes them up, and zippo…. I’m outa there and on my way home.

Notes: In at 76.2 and out at 73.5.
* Snoopy’s retrieved online April 2007 from
** Yao Man retrieved online April 2007 from

(From My Memory)
April 24, 2007

Now it’s history and fading fast in my memory… but, last Tuesday was a horrible session. I can remember the feelings more than the actual events, although I reported them to several people the next day. As in other yucky sessions, I started feeling faint and clammy near the end of my session. My BP was down to 84 over 56 or some way low numbers and my feet were starting to cramp. Ron was the nurse on duty and Mat was the tech. Matt originally stopped the cleansing process and just ran the blood through the dialyzer but that didn’t work. Then they added some liquid and that didn’t help. Then Ron gave me some hot, salty chicken broth and that tasted terrible; like chicken broth ala salt block: picture a salt cup filled with thick chicken broth. Pffft! Finally, my BP raised to about 105 over something and I was able to stand up and wobble around. I got outa there about 8:45 and navigated home, only to crash out on the couch, totally wasted. In my delirious dreams my son, Johnny, is lecturing me: “We gotta take the good with the bad, Dad”.

Notes: In at 74.5 and out at 72.6

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