135) Nap Time at Dialyville

June 5, 2007

El Milagro:
Today it seems like I’m rushing over to the center to take a nap. What a hectic last week it’s been. Kim the nurse sticks me today and comments on how big my fistula has grown since she first stuck me the first time I came here. To me it seems the same, but I acknowledge her comment with a “Hum?”. She also mentions that she really liked reading the newsletter that came out this morning and that she wished her English was as good as mine. I reply, “Well, I was born and raised here and your English is very good for someone who came to the U.S. as an adult”.

It feels good to just lay back and take a nap today, listening to NPR in my earphones and totally sinking back into my chair, and letting out a deep sigh. It seems like the confluence of the folk festival, bill-paying time, lots going on at work, and being behind on household chores has drained us of our energy. I get to come here and crash out… but Liz has to find some other excuse to kick back.

The last weekend in Kerrville was fun. My dialysis in Kerrville went well, work on the kitchen krew was fairly easy, and the music and visiting with friends was as usual: excellent. We had planned to stay through Sunday night in order to see the Lost Gonzo Band* reunion and sat through rain and a show stoppage due to lightning. Then, while Eric Taylor** was doing his set, the lightning increased and struck closer to the ranch and they finally cancelled the rest of the performances. So, we stayed down there in the rain for no show. Asi es la vida.

Tonight I drift in and out of dreamland, and finally wake up to watch NOVA: an episode about the real story of “the great escape” during WW II.

Notes: In at 73.6 and out at 72.1 Kgs.
* Lost Gonzo Band Homepage retrieved June 2007 from
** Eric Taylor retrieved online June 2007 from
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