137) Freezing Dialysis

June 12, 2007

El Milagro:
Slightly late today so I apologize to Carol the Tech and she allows it’s okay. Doc and crew come by to find out how I’m doing and I can’t think of anything obnoxious to say, so I just say “I’m fine”. Today I have forgotten my blanket, since I washed it and neglected to put it back in my Da Vita sports bag. So, I am freezing in here and trying to find a way to cuddle my body up so as to keep feet and arms warm. No sleep today due to my freezing. I watch the news and PBS. At the end of it all, the tech I don’t like comes up to de-cannulate me and I hesitantly allow him to do it, although my blood pressure shows my state rather alarmingly at 157 over something. I actually can’t find anything to complain about as he is taping me up…. except that he drips a drop of blood on my shirt. But, in his defense, when he notices the drip he offers to get some hydrogen peroxide to clean it. And he is generally more quiet and cautious with me as a patient than he was the last time.

Notes: In at 75.6 and out at 72.1 Kgs.
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