144) Mystery of the Dripping of Time

July 12, 2007

El Milagro: Today I am sitting here, all hooked up, with nowhere to go. The time can be passed in any number of ways; reading, listening to NPR, watching TV, sleeping, or observing the operation of the clinic. I always find something to do to quicken up the drip, drip, drip of the minutes passing. But today I hear Jo the Nurse mention that one of the patients only watches his dialysis machine's time graph for the whole four hours. He is the one who has the slowest 16 minutes left on his session. I am thinking about this method of passing the time and wondering how it is that this guy can do it this way. It reminds me of waiting for my birthday when I was a kid. The harder I focused on the minutes passing until my birthday, the slower it seemed the time went. The best way to pass time is to get busy doing something rather than watching the time. Does this old guy know that? Does he enjoy watching the minutes drip away? I want to temporarily step into his world to check out what his brain tells him about passing this time and why he doesn't find something to do to quicken it's passage. I am assuming he is anxious to get outa here, since he frequently asks how much time he has left. This is a real mystery to me.

Notes: In at 74.8 and out at 72.8 Kgs.
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