151) Good Phosphorous Report

Aug 7, 2007

El Milagro:
I came in and am sitting in my favorite corner chair. Eloy comes over to stick me and is telling me about his sinus infection from allergies… maybe from the ragweed they’re saying is 10 ft. tall this year and a month and a half early. He sticks me and has to return later and turn over one of the needles cause it’s causing the machine to beep. Jennifer the Dietician calls over cheerily and then comes over to show me a new blood work report: my phosphorous is back to normal! Jennifer thinks that last ‘bad’ report was an anomaly, or a mistake, or the result of a faulty lab tech.

8-02-07 --> 5.0
7-10-07 --> 6.8 [ Normal is between 3.5 to 5.5 ]
6-12-07 --> 5.0

I settle back to read the Consumer Reports issue reviewing digital cameras, since I slipped into the Guadalupe River with Katie’s. I learn that I might be able to find a SLR body that I can use my old SLR lenses with. That would be great since I have some great lenses for my old Minolta. That’s the good news. The bad news is the price of all these cameras is way more than I want to pay. I’ll probably just go out and try to get Katie’s Kodak Easy Share fixed… or buy a new cheapo one like it.

Jennifer the D returns with a tray of plastic cups of Bow-Tie Pasta Salad. She looks and sounds like a Vana or one of those sample girls you find at the grocery store, hawking the newest product in a can. She tries out her spiel on me first, pitching the pasta while conceding that the concoction could use some spices… either Mrs. Dash or Tabasco sauce. I enthusiastically taste the pasta and it’s alright to me and I tell her so. I mostly think it is a grand idea to go around the place giving away healthy food samples for folks to taste cause I hallucinate that half the people here don’t really try to eat a dialysis diet because they don’t really want to try new things (Maybe that’s just me… although at my house we are eating a kidney-friendly diet for years now). I also like the idea of Jennifer walking about holding a tray of food samples, smiling, and giving them to people… just because it has the look of a stewardess service in the place. Service with a smile, and all that. Giving good things to eat to people and all that.

I watch Drew Cary’s new show and watch the very first contestant (a 19 year old college kid) win a million bucks to use for med school, and that is a fun thing. Also, I like the idea of polling people about their views and then having folks guess what percent of the population thinks thus and so. I like guessing those kinds of things myself, so it is interesting to see it on TV. And so it goes here in dialy-land.

Notes: In at 75.1 and out at 73.6 Kgs.
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