163) Rosh Hashanah

September 13, 2007

El Milagro: I got here a little late today, having rushed from Cari and Stuart’s luncheon to the house to change out of my suit before coming to dialysis. I would feel funny walking into dialysis in a suit. The highlight of the meal this year, aside from seeing our KFF friends, was Cari’s sauce for the salmon. We’ll call it Cari’s Salmon Sauce:
2 Tbs soy sauce + 2 Tbs honey + 2 Tbs lime juice + 2 Tbs Dijon mustard. Whisk together and add 1 Tbs H2O and whisk again. This sauce has a nice bite and goes great with salmon… probably with other fish tambien.

When I arrived here I put my stuff on my chair and quickly made the rounds with a stack of September newsletters, introducing myself, explaining the PAC and my representing our shift, and asking folks to write things for the newsletter if they wanted. This idea of PAC members handing out the newsletter was a GREAT idea because it necessitates that the members get out and talk to their shift-mates. So, I met each person on my shift and tried to use their name in talking to them. Now, thirty minutes later, I remember about 30% of their names. Damn! I always forget to use the strategy I learned in NLP: repeat the name audibly while ghost-writing it on your leg and simultaneously picturing it in neon on their forehead. At any rate, one person gave me a ‘complaint’ to take to the committee (no soap in bathroom) and one asked for my email address to send me stuff for the newsletter.

Before dialysis we went to Rosh Hashanah services this morning. Shayna now has to go to services instead of the kids’ activities since she is a pre-bat mitzvah. She and Maya Papaya did very good at sitting through the 3-hour service, only taking a few ‘breaks’. Rabbi Kerry talked today about marriage and messing around in the modern world: breaking commandments and media seductions. Afterwards, when we asked her what she thought about the service and what it meant, Shayna summed it up by saying, “No one is perfect.” Ah yes, no one is perfect and we celebrate Rosh Hashanah by saying “Happy New Year” and we begin to consider all the ‘not perfect’ things we’ve done in the past year in order to prepare to set our plans for a better new year. For more information about Rosh Hashanah see this blog, September 2006, # 58. For a beautiful reflection of Rosh Hashanah go to Barbara Mahany's website, pull up a chair* and click on daily_meanderings and then type "in awe" in her search box to read her musings on Rosh Hashanah.

On the news I hear that the Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival this weekend will bring 27 to 30 million dollars into our fair city. WOW!

So it goes on this new years' day… welcome 5726.

Notes: In at 74.9 and out at 72.1 kgs.
*Mahaney, B. (2007) in awe. Retrieved online September 13th from pull up a chair: daily meanderings http://www.pullupachair.org/
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