182) In the Sink-hole Again

October 25, 2007
Thursday (My brother's Birthday!)

El Milagro: I am here and ready for my favorite TV night. Have the corner chair in the back and get into a conversation about the difference between cake donuts and glazed donuts with Rosie the Tech, who reports that the dietician had problems with Pete’s Donut Handout. Gladys comes to poke me while I’m in this discussion and then the doc and the new dietician, Sarah (?) come by to report that my phosphorous is still high at 6 is high but not as high as the now famous Laredo score. He asks if I can up my take to 4 Phoslos at each meal and I agree.

I finish reviewing a article for Social Work in Schools that I was supposed to complete by 9/11 and can’t decide to recommend it or not. I wish I remembered more about ANOVA. I think about it some and go over the diagrams several times and then just give up. I’ll have to look at it later, with my stat book at hand.

I listen to NPR and then watch the news and then Survivor. James the Gravedig
ger is still in the game, and according to the website, he is the most popular survivor with 41% of the audience! I've picked a winner, unlike many of my political picks. Hopefully he has staying power. Afterwards I switch to Gray’s Anatomy, and about 20 minutes before the end of that show I begin to feel my lips tingling. This is a sign that my BP is fading and pretty soon I’m gonna have fainty feelings and cramps. CRAP! I try to do my laying down pirouettes to help my feet keep the cramps away and breath in and out slowly and deeply, somehow thinking that that can change my whole body chemistry. Nice thought, but not very helpful. Finally my right hand is waving to any tech who can see, and I’m cursing myself inside for slipping down the slippery slide to sub-100 BP. Gabe the Tech comes over and checks my BP and sure enough, my tingly lips are correct… the BP is 94 over 40-something. Oh yeah. Time to slip into the pass out lane… but I never pass out so I just lay back and close my eyes and miss the climax of Gray. With the nurse’s blessing Gabe turns off the machine… I only have about 15 minutes left. He recommends not giving me any liquid, which I agree with. And, I lay there trying to get up enough motivation to open my eyes and watch Gray’s finish. Somehow at these times TV shows loose their interest to me… I just want to sleep or lie there with my internal woozy thoughts wandering around aimlessly in my head.

After 15 minutes or so my BP is back up to the high 90’s over high 50’s and I am raring to go. Gabe finishes de-cannulating me and I sit there another 10 minutes holding my last poke hole while it clots. What a night. I’m ready to head on to the old homestead and see the girls. So it goes on a Thursday.

Notes: In at 75.1 and out at 73.2 kgs.
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