194) Brains at Work

December 13, 2007

El Milagro: I am really late getting here today… after having to be in on a conference call at the office. Carol the Tech and I agree that it is weird that it seems that when I’m on time I have to wait for a chair, and when I’m late, like today, they have my chair ready at 3 o’clock. As Carol is cannulating me I notice that she has put the needles both up rather than one up and one down, the way I have always had them inserted. I ask about this and she nonchalantly remarks that she just decided to do it this way.

Now, I am famous for hating change so in my little brain I am having some difficulty with this and I feel like I should say something… but, what, really, could I say? “NO! Take it out and put it the other way!” Part of my rational brain says to my other brain, “Don’t be such a baby.” and my other brain can’t really think of a response, so it shrivels up in a corner and grumbles. Another part of my brain wishes I had been more aware of what was going on as she was sticking me, thinking it woulda been easier to stop her as she was about to stick me… and that part is now lecturing the other parts about paying attention… and it’s voice sounds suspiciously like my mother’s. “Enough of this!” yells the part from the corner… and I change the subject.

Once I’m hooked up I call Rosie the Tech over and ask about her research on the oldest patient. It’s Mr. Acama who’s been here since the day El Milagro opened, eleven years ago. He is an MWF mid-day, so we agree that Pete will have to interview him for the newsletter. I want to listen to All Things Considered but my batteries are dead so I turn on the tube and catch the early local news on KEYE, checking on Judy since I hardly ever watch her anymore. She looks fine and her news is newsy. Then I switch over to ABC for the national and stay there for the local-after-national on KVUE. Mostly the news focuses on the weather in Oklahoma and I think about Tom and Emily and imagine them navigating the weather and wishing they were back in Houston.

I doze until Survivor and watch; although I am less interested since my guy got booted. Now I don’t favor any of the final survivors really, although as I am watching, brain #2 is telling me I should pick one to favor, just so it is more fun to watch. So, I guess I would like Denise to win now… although Amanda seems worthy too. One or the other? Brain work. "ARGHHH!"

By 8:30 I have just checked the clock, thinking that I have another half hour, when Carol comes up with my glove. Oh yeah, when you’re as late as I was, they take you off at 8:30, even though you haven’t finished your 4 hours. I forgot that, but am happy to remember it now. It’s like getting out of class a bit early, and is always like a little perk in life. So it goes.

Notes: In at 75.3 and out at 73.5 kgs.
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