191) Twitchy Feet

December 4, 2007

El Milagro: Today when I arrive Gabe the Tech says they aren’t ready with my chair yet so I sit in the weighting room, listening to two “cool” black men commenting on the news and weather. One is the patient: older, white-tinged hair, and blind; with sunglasses on and a cane. I suspect he is the victim of diabetes. He sits there and hears the TV talking and mentions what it says to no one in particular. “72° out. Didn’t think it was that warm…” I think it is his son sitting beside him, also looking cool in shades and neatly pressed slacks. Both of them look like they stepped out of a jazz movie to hang here in this space. Every once in awhile the son responds… “Yeah man”. They are in this room together, waiting for a chair along with me. We could be in a barber shop somewhere in South Philie.

Finally Carrie the Tech pops in, calls my name, and reports that she didn’t even know I was here yet. I smile and choose not to comment at all. She seats me and is yakking along about things that are important to her, I guess. Maybe she is just making conversation. She asks a lot of questions about cannulating me, as if she has never poked me… but, she has, so I am a little annoyed at her prattle. I do suggest she only “take off 3” since I had difficulties with cramping last time. She cocks her head as if to say something... and then just turns to the machine.

Monica the Nurse comes over to check me out, and I report to her the sad news about losing my last Clarinex prescription. I did get the one month from Walgreens but lost the one to be sent in to the mail order. Monica says she’ll call in a month’s worth and get Dr. Rowder to write me a new mail order prescription on Thursday. Whew. I would hate to run outa Clarinex right at the time the cedar is starting.

I listen to All Things Considered and watch silent golf on the TV… and drift off for a late afternoon nap, reminding myself that this is the reward for being on dialysis. Over the next month of holidays dialysis will become a bother at times; integrating it with going to Dallas, holiday festivities, and various trips out of town. But for right this minute all is well in dialy-land.

I snooze for awhile and notice that my legs are quite twitchy tonight… I alleviate the twitchiness by spreading my legs and clanging them together like a lateral jumping jack. When my heels smash together it somehow knocks out the twitchiness for a few minutes. Mostly this exercise keeps me from enjoying my snooze so I wake up and channel flip through the boring TV options. So it goes for the rest of my time here tonight.

Oh yeah... and for you of the tribe, Happy Hanukkah! Of course, I missed lighting candles for the menorah tonight.

Notes: In at 77.0 kgs and out at 73.2 kgs.

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