205) Saturday Matinee

January 12, 2008

El Milagro:
Originally Ron the Nurse had given me a 1 o’clock time, which woulda been perfect for watching the UT game… but then Monica the Nurse called and said they’re way behind and won’t be able to seat me til after 2.
So I show up at around 2:20 and still wait for awhile before Amanda the Tech asks if she can cannulate me. Of course, I say sure. By then I have found the end of the UT / Missou game and UT is down by more than 10 points. I don’t remember the last time they lost a conference opener and am shocked to see them playing so poorly. Oh well… it’ll be a long season, starting like this.

Rosie the Tech comes b
y and shares that Jackie the Tech got sick this morning and that slowed the whole process down when she had to leave. Also, I talk to Ron about switching out of next Saturday and he says I can come in Friday, 3rd shift.

I watch the beginnings of the A&M / Colorado game but it is goi
ng to be a boring A&M win, so I shuffle through the channels until I find the movie, Memphis Belle*, just starting. So, I settle in to watching the entire movie and am a happy camper.

In at 76.5 Kgs and out at 74.7 Kgs.

*I love WWII movies and consider 30 Seconds over Tokyo as one of my favorites
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IowaKitKat said...

Jack --
Just found your blog and I like what I read. Mind if I link to your blog from mine? Mine is Stayin' alive. The url is Stayinalive.wordpress.com

Jack Nowicki said...

I am fine with your linking. JN