208) Lab Report Day

January 22, 2008

El Milagro: I am 30 minutes late today because I fell into a big work project at work and lost track of time. Carrie the Tech cannulates me and says its okay that I’m late cause they’re running behind too. Dr. Rowder and crew are doing their ‘drive-bys’. Am I okay? Yup. Any problems? Nope. Jennifer the Dietician reports that my blood work looks good: Phosphorous (5.1) and Potassium (4.5) are within the normal range! ALRIGHT! (This feedback makes us dialysis folk very happy, since most of the time we are worried about our phoshorous) My Albumin is down to 3.6 so she says I need to eat more protein… I complain… and she replies, “Just eat a couple eggs for breakfast every day”. For you all who interested in lab results, the rest of the report is as follows:

NPCR – 0.96 – Low (eat more protein)
HCT Calc – 30.9 – Low (red blood cell count. Take your vitamins)
Iron Saturation – 25 – Good
Ferritin – 629 – Good
Calc Corrected – 9.1 – Good
CaxPhos Corrected – 46.4 – Good
PTH Intact – 383 –High (Remember your binders!)
Kt/V UKM Delivered – 1.48 – Good
Glucose – 112 – Good

Sherri the Social Worker came by to introduce a new social work intern from SWT (Now Texas State U.) who’ll be here for the semester. Rosie the Tech came by and said she is almost finished with the staff interview for the newsletter.

I listen to NPR, as usual, and watch the news. Later I doze and wake up and watch a great show about kids online on Frontline: Growing up online.

Notes: In at 79.6 and out at 76.0 Kgs.
Growing up online, retrieved online from the Frontline website: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/kidsonline/

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