February 14, 2008

El Milagro:
I arrive on time and Carrie the Tech comes over to poke me, telling me today that she has a song stuck in her head. I reply that that sounds okay. She jabbers right along and points over to the nurse's station, asking if I see the flowers over there… they are irises that were del
ivered to her by her old ex-boyfriend. She continues that Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter to her since she is single. I suggest that she could celebrate by herself, and she may have heard that, but it is hard to tell because she has already far down the track to reporting on how it is being single for two years and how she knows she’ll like her old ex-boyfriends new girlfriend but she hasn’t met her yet and how this song is still stuck in her head…

I am reading Bruce Wampold’s article* (from the Talking Cure’s listserve) about his volitional take on the effectiveness of psychotherapy and the change process… very thought provoking and makes me wish that the whole Board of the Texas Social Work Examiners’ Office could read it with an open mind because they seem very behind the times on the subject of clinical social work. Should I just email it to them? It doesn’t clearly say anything negative about their support of the medical model of clinical work, but it does support that there are many clinical ways that counseling works.

While I’m reading, Celeste the Nurse comes over and does my nursing eval and we don’t talk at all. Later, Suzanne the Administrator comes by to say “HI” and deliver a small Valentine’s surprise
of popcorn and a juice box. I ask for two popcorns. The center also has a special movie piped in on the TV’s but I’m not interested cause tonight is Survivor and LOST!

Also today Rosie the Tech is going around to every patient and reviewing the emergency procedures for if the power goes off. This for-profit group does not have a generator for use in power outages, so we have to know how to hand-pump the blood in the machine back into our bodies, unhook ourselves, and get out of the building with some supplies for taping ourselves up, if needed. Rosie meets with every person to explain and then coach the patient in telling her back what they have to do. I like that she makes folks tell her back (part o
f learning theory) what they have to do, so that she knows they comprehended her instructions.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone I usually send e-cards to but didn’t have time to this year… you know who you are Cecilia, Kim's, Gracie, and Luis. And for everyone else in my world, on this day, my heart bleeds for you.

In at 76.5 and out at 74.9 Kgs.

* Wampold, B. (2007) Psychotherapy: The humanistic (and effective) treatment. American Psychologist. 62(8) 855-873.

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