224) Primary Day @ Dialysis

March 4, 2008

El Milagro: It’s primary day and I wonder how many of these folks here at the center have voted. I'm curious about patients and staff... are these voting people? I voted this morning, bright and early. As I’m asking around I find that Rosie the Tech hasn’t voted yet, but still plans to. Carol the Tech asks if we can still vote after today… she intended to vote in early voting but never did actually get there. I let her know it's almost too late, and I kid Rosie that if she doesn’t vote, my candidate will do better... and she re-commits to voting before 7.

Kim the Nurse is working to cannulate me and set up my machine. She reports that she is registered to vote in Round Rock but now lives in Buda. She complains that “they” should let us vote wherever we are and there should be no precints or boundaries on our right to vote.

The Doc comes by for a “drive by” with Jennifer the Dietician and informs me that they are now doing things a bit differently; that they will concentrate on one part of the medical review each week. Today it is BP. My BP looks fine to him, so if there is nothing else, he’ll see me next week. So, this drive by was less than a minute.

While watching the news and seeing what they say about the exit polls, etc., I hear that UT is playing Nebraska tonight, so I find the game and settle back to enjoy the surprise of a basketball game I didn’t know was happening today. I watch the game and switch over to the news stations once in awhile to check on my favorite Democratic candidates throughout the game. The game and the primary are both close calls but the good guys win in the end.

Since UT and most of my candidates win tonight, it is a good night! I pack up my bag at the end and head home, satisfied with the day and happy to still be enjoying life.

Notes: In at 76.9 and out at 74.8 Kgs.
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John Meloche said...

Just a note to let you know that I have placed a link to your blog from mine. Keep up the writing.

John Meloche

Jack Nowicki said...

Sure nuff. I am always happy to link to another dialy-person. JN

asthepumpturns said...

I love the way you refer to a doctor's visit as a "drive-by". Hope you don't mind if I borrow it!
BTW, I've have noticed it's a very common practice while "in the chair", unfortunately.

Jack Nowicki said...

ATPT ~ Thanks... when the doc comes by with his little rolling chart cart and he "shoots" out with "Anything I can do for you today?" in the completely non-confidential, unprofessional way they do this operation, the absurdity of it being a medical practice led me to call it a "drive by". I shudder to think about how much our insurance is paying for such an event. You may use the term with my best wishes. JN

Jack Nowicki said...
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Jack Nowicki said...

BTW, my nephrologist (Moritz) admitted that this practice is on the edge of appropriate, and he suggested that patients make it a practice to schedule an in office visit every 6 months so that we can have the full attention of the doc in a private setting. JN