240) TV Nite in Dialyland

April 24, 2008

El Milagro:
I’m here at 4:15 again, having left my office at 4 today. This might be a habit now. No one here seems to mind and my chair is always ready by 4:15 so maybe I’ll just keep coming in at this time. Carol the Tech is here to stick me and I show her the dead spot on my arm where there is no feeling, wondering how long I can use this spot.

Tonight is TV night, so I settle back for a nap and then wake up for the ABC News; switch to McNeil Lehrer, switch to Survivor, switch to Gray’s Anatomy, get unhooked and zoom home to catch LOST. Quicksilver Dialysis!

Notes: In at 76 and out at 74.1 Kgs.
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