May 10, 2008

Shayna has another tourney this weekend; a game last night that they won 2 to 1 (Starlettes) and a game this morning at 8 am that they won 4 to one (Dynamites). Shayna played aggressive defense in both games and as forward played well but still hasn't scored this season. The third game is starting right now so I'm off back to the fields to watch...

10 AM Game: Another win for the girls; three zip against the Bobcats! Now Shayna is off to a bat mitzva and then back to the fields for a 5 o'clock game. I called in to El Milagro and got a 12:30 chair, and called Ciscos* to make a reservation for a 9 am table for 10 tomorrow for a mother's day surprise for the family mothers: Liz, Joan, Jen, & Diane

El Milagro:
In around 12:45, after voting for the environmentalists for city council... Amanda the Tech sticks me better than ever before. Carol the Tech announces following Joe G. to go to Cedar Park soon. I settle in to trying to find the Spurs but they aren't on yet. Settle on seeing Father of the Bride with Steve Martin and Diane Keeton for the 33rd time... love that movie...

Call about Shayna's game and they are in the championship... were down two nothing but then caught up and ended tied two, two... and now in the first of two 5 minute overtimes!

Later called again and they are now through the overtimes and doing goal kicks... still tied 2 - 2 and I am watching the end of the Iast Indiana Jones movie where they have found the chalice and the girl is about to go down into a crack in the earth, trying to reach out for the chalice...

...and now I am set to be de-clamped and head on home... will call Lizzie for an update when I get home...

Later: Well... on goal kicks, the Kick Kats WON the tournament and are the champs for their age grroup in SAYSA! WOW!

Notes: In at 76.1 and out at 74.4 kgs.
* Ciscos, online at www.rateaustin.com/austin/ciscos-restaurant-bakery/12022/ - 21k -

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