249) Message to Andrew

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Andrew ~ I briefly discussed with Ester the concerns she has about your reluctance to begin dialysis. I only have a few things to ask you to consider.

#1: Before you make a decision about this thing we sometimes call "life-alysis" (as opposed to dialysis), please do a lot of research about the process and how it can impact whatever kidney situation you have. Look up your condition and how it responds to dialysis. Look on the Davita website for the info they have on the plusses and minusses of doing dialysis (http://www.davita.com/dialysis/). This website can answer all your questions.

Beginning dialysis is scary for everyone who decides to add this time-consuming thing to their lives... AND one thing you can do is to find out everything you can about the actual process. Before I started, I visited a local dialysis center and interviewed the nurses and a few of the people on the dialysis machines. Also, I had a good friend of mine go with me the first few times and that helped my anxiety.

I don't know how you are feeling, health-wise, but when I started dialysis, within a week or so, I felt completely like my old, energetic self. The toxins that are running around in your body may be making you feel depressed, run down, cranky, and worn out. Dialysis will clean your blood and you will feel better. Almost everyone on dialysis says that.

I hope reading my blog is helpful to you, and I can fully understand why people are hesitant to begin this dialysis thing. Good Luck to you! And, please contact me if you have any questions or thoughts you have. JN

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