266) Weight a Minute

August 7, 2008

El Milagro: I am on time and in the corner. Kim the Nurse sticks me and does my nursing eval. I call Ron the Nurse over and ask him to get one of the docs to respond to a letter I got from my medications provider, saying they want to "interview" my doctor about my Sensipar prescription to see if I really need it. Now, why do you suppose the doc would prescribe a med I don't need? Another hoop to jump through.

Rosie the Tech comes by and embarrisingly shares that she forgot about the PAC meeting yesterday. Only Susanne the Administrator and I were there... and we decided to continue the newsletter monthly and let everything else slide until there is a new crop of patients that may be more interested in the PAC thing. Then Big Daddy Joseph comes by and we discuss low riders and chop jobs and metallic paint jobs on cars for longer than I'd like to admit.... and I miss ATC and the news.

Tonite I doze and flip the channels and finally end up watching a History Channel show on the Marvel of Big Trucks... and then one on the Marvel of Big Truck Stops and they do interview Willie at his place up north of Hillsborro about the biodiesel rage. This is all very interesting stuff and even though I am feeling the old twitchy feet thing, I am able to concentrate on the big rigs and all about them... reminds me of the Trout Fishing song... how many wheels on a big rig.

I am the last one out and don't really feel too hot at the end. I go out to weigh and weigh out at 75.9 and am confused, since I started at 75.7... or, wait a minute, was my beginning weight 75.7 or 77.5? What did I tell them at the beginning of treatment, cause I wrote down 77.5. Or, is the scale off, like it is frequently with John the Reader? Who knows and I am too exhausted to care, so I just walk back in and yell out, "75.9" and shrug my shoulders. Turn around and head out into a humid Austin night.

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