279) Sunday Dialysis

September 13, 2008

El Milagro: I arrive just after noon today and walk into a room still darkened by the boarded up windows and with all the staff gathered around the nurses station with Susanne the Administrator and the Regional Boss speachifying. Jason the Tech points out my chair on the back wall.

Jason comes over to stick me a few minutes later and I tell him about talking to Mitch and Mitch's salutations to him. He does his usual client-centered cannulation and reports on the new semester at Austin Community College. Also Amanda the Tech is here and comes by to say "Hi" as is Connie the Nurse who'll probably do my nursing eval. I tell Connie aboout being happy about coming in Sunday instead of Saturday and she replies that I am the only one who's happy... everyone else is complaining, it seems to here, and at least 4 people didn't even come in today. Turns out El Milagro was opened yesterday for evacuees from Houston. I mentioned to Connie that they should tell the complainers that they were responsible for the center being able to help out the folks from the Winds of Ike and that might make them feel better... Connie figured they already had said that... I replied, "No... they just told us they were closing because of the weather..." She thinks there were 12 evacuees dialyzed yesterday.

While El Milagro was opening up for evacuees from the Winds of Ike, we were celebrating the
opening of Sycamore Creek Concerts and T & G's 20th anniversary at their new "barn" northwest of Dripping Springs... and very happily hearing the melodies of los Romenceros (with special guest Paul Glasse), and the harmonica and voice of Him and Her with themselves (Brenda Freed and Michael D'Eath).

Connie the Nurse moves on and I set to reviewing a few chapters for next class... turn on Prairie Home Companion and then realize that the regular boisterousness of Garrison's show jazzels my concentration on the readings... so I flip it off but keep the earphones on to dampen my neighbors too loud TV show.

Kim the Nurse comes over to do my nursing eval and I again remember that I have forgotten to bring her the recipe I promised her. "STUFFED GREEN PEPPERS!! I must remember this" I say to myself again... since I have forgotten to remember ten times ten now. She reports that she got rain last night finally and wonders if it is from the hurricaine or from some other weather... I don't know that so I shrug and then she shrugs. The Winds of Ike completely missed us in Austin, except for the one breeze that rang my Paulo Solari wind chimes out back that haven't rung in 10 years.

While I'm reading Dr. Moritz rushes in and gets on the computer inside the nurses station. He's working on Sunday? By quarter to two I'm done with deShazer & Dolan and move on to Saleebey... and read until 2:15 when I find I rather listen to American Routes, which is featuring the music of Johnny Cash today. I close my book, lay my chair back, pull my hat down over my eyes, and let early Cash run through my brain.

Notes: In at 76.6 and out at 74.6 Kgs.

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