296) Saturday Dialysis

November 8, 2008

Morning: Just back from Shayna's soccer game where the Kick Kats beat Cedar Creek 14 to 1. Coach Charlie let the girls score all out in order to add points to make up for our tie last week. The other team was poor losers and at least one of the team spit on her hands during the high five line, causing Coach to have words with the other coach, and write up a complaint to the commissioner. According to Shayna, the team was grossed out about the hand spit deal and were all looking for water bottles to wash their hands off with.

I called El Milagro to get a chair time and they said they'd call me back after shift change.

El Milagro: I arrive at 1:30 after a call in by Rosie the Tech... the UT game is STILL going so I'm happy about that... and about UT showing no mercy to Baylor -- now 42-14 -- after an embarrassing loss to Tech last week. Rosie hooks me up quickly and has already set up my TV for watching the game. Rose the Nurse comes by and asks me how I am ("okay") and I guess that's my nursing eval today.

I watch the game while planning for my big conference presentation next week at the SFBT Conference. Finally, just as the game is over (45-21) at 2:30 Mary the Nurse comes up and does an actual nursing eval. The games over and I find that the win over Baylor doesn't really make me feel any better about the loss to Tech. Oh well.

I surf the channels and find a History Channel show about naval inventions of the past; such as the macabre collapsible death-yacht built by Roman emperor Nero to do in his own mother... and the chemical fire bomb ships used by the Greeks. Then I find the movie, Rumor Has It and watch most of it, before getting unhooked by JoAnn the Tech and weighing out. Another Saturday Dialysis in the books!

Notes: In at 76.4 and out at 74 kgs.

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