324) Just Another Tuesday

February 3, 2009

El Milagro: I'm almost 1/2 an hour late today after rushing around helping the office gang get ready for tomorrow's Youth in Action @ the Capitol Day.... our bi-annual event that brings youth from all over the state to the capitol to rally, learn about advocacy, and meet with their legislatures over the "youth agenda".

Celeste the Nurse is ready to cannulate me and says I should talk to Dr. Venkatesh about my dry weight being raised, since I think I am gaining weight. Pretty soon Kate the PA rushes in and collects the social worker and dietician to make rounds.

I am pretty tired today too... having stayed up until 25-year-old hours developing a website for the Bat Mitzvah Girls on one of those Websites for Dummies services. I was convinced to use it by their claim that Time Magazine claims they're one of the "top 10", by my lack of time to do some more in-depth research, and by the service's template that has Maya's favorite lime-ish color. So, anyway, now I've built this fairly easy web page but the thing is that they make it so simple to build that now I don't like the lack of flexibility I have in working on it.... for example, its about 1/10 the control I have on this blog. I may end up transferring my domain name somewhere else.

I turn on ATC as I jot these notes and now will settle back and take a nap...

Kate the PA is shaking my leg gently... and wants to talk about my labs (what can we say), and if I have any other medical issues to discuss. I don't... so we make some small talk, she encourages me to take more binders, and she moves off to talk to someone else. I snooze more. In fact, I snooze almost to the end of my session, and then wake up to watch some TV til Carri the Tech comes over to unhook me. So it goes.

Notes: In at 78.9 and out at 76.4

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