329) Valentine's Wishes

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to All ---> here is my card for you! Enjoy.

Well, the day started off just fine, with the Kick Kats winning their first game of the new season, 6 - 0... and better yet; Shayna scored the first goal of the new season on a kick from about ten feet out! Yahoo!

El Milag
ro: Jackie the Tech sticks me and hooks me up as we discuss computes, viruses, and the internet. Kim the Nurse does my nursing evaluation and I ask her if she can hear my murmur... she listens intently, scrunches her nose, and finally says she can hear it and says, "It sounds like a valve" and I tell her about Venkatesh's referral. She answers that it might not be anything to worry about and I thank her for that.

Tom Pittman is dj-ing Folkways today; playing combination of all kinds of music having to do with lost love, found love, bad love, good love, dog love... you get the idea. Also he dedicates part of his show to Lincloln and Darwin related stuff. He has Brennen Leigh on live and I really like her sound (Brennen plays at Evangelina's Cafe on Tuesdays). I open my MI book and read a chapter or two until UT Basketball comes on: UT v.s. Colorado. I watch... and, they finally win a game. Maybe they were losing cause I wasn't watching.... nah.

After the game I surf around the channels and only find the first Godfather movie and watch the part where Michael comes home after his dad gets shot... and begins to make decisions that will eventually ruin his relationship with Kay. I watch through the discussion about getting even with Sollozzo. Then I put my stuff up and shoot on home to prepare for Shayna & Friends Valentine Sleep-over. Oh boy!

Notes: In at 78.6 and out at 75.3 kgs.

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