335) Normal Phosphorous Report!

March 5, 2009

El Milagro:
Rosie sticks me as Kate the NP and Jo the Nurse gather around making small talk... yaking away, having a good time talking about my blood work, going out on the town, diet, and all kinds of wild and crazy things. We are all happy when Kate reports that my Phosphorous is DOWN to 4.9... back in the normal range... I have returned to normal! Kate and I try to figure o
ut why... the blood work was from a week ago Tuesday... after my giving up Renvala and probably about the time I started re-taking my Fosrenol every day at lunch. So, can I keep it up? Jordy the Dietician (with a new haircut) comes up all smiley and curious too about what I did... I kid her about her hair and she tells me about her non-surfing trip to California.

They finally move on and I settle back to doing some work-related reading for Theresa: the state's Plan for Improving Collaboration and Coordination among Prevention and Early Intervention Programs. Long and pretty boring... I highlight stuff to come back to later and make comments on... and am thrilled when Survivor comes on so I can put the report down and watch the tube. Survivor, Gray's Anatomy, and I am out of there...

Notes: In at 77.5 and out at 75.4 kgs.

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