341) Friday the Thirteenth ~ Yikes

March 13, 2009

NAMC: Our special visitor on Friday is Rabbi Baker from our congregation Kol Halev, who comes around noon.  He brings some spiritual readings and we talk about the story of my transplant and recuperation. We have great philosophical discussions about the ethics of buying and selling kidneys; how the practice in some third world countries of selling organs to transplant to rich Americans... Is it fair for the wealthy to avoid the national list and harvest organs from the third world countries that sometimes even have better transplant hospitals than the USA? Is it the right of the third world person to do what they want, or should there be laws and regulations that circumvent a person's free will in this case? We discussed how it is similar to ongoing questions over adoption practices and how they are handled differently by all the countries that have children for Americans to adopt... as well as the cultural ethics of bringing these little folks to the USA. Kerry then turns to Liz and inquires whether she has told me the important item he asked her to....Liz shrinks and can't remember and he turns to me and tells me about this great deal right now for getting satellite dish for March Madness, where I can see each and every game. Then we talk Longhorn Basketball, other teams and who is likely to do good, etc. for the rest of his visit.

In reviewing my notes, I can't for the life of me remember what else happens on Friday! Lizzie & I disagree about some of these happenings, and she's the one who insists the Rabbi's visit was on Friday, not Thursday. We figure out that I talked to Stuart on Friday, and that I also talked to Cari, and Mariessa called me later after Lizzie called her to tell her our news. We're trying to catch up with all the important people in our lives. We decide that all the rest of the visitors and medical stuff are on the right days and decide to leave things as they are.

This is, after all Friday the 13th!

I do know that I was in the hospital, getting stro
nger, walking two times a day, further each time, and all my vitals (except maybe the blood glucose) were fine... so I think we should just "let it be". I have been watching my winter hat sitting on TV and think, what a fine picture that would make: "Hat on TV". Since I am writing this after the fact from notes but still in the present tense, as if it is actually occurring right NOW... all I can say, dear reader, is, "Read on" and all I can say to myself is, ONWARD THRU THE FOG"...

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