366) Another Lab Call from Bernadette

June 5, 2009

Lab Call: Bernadette called me at work this afternoon to check on my pill-taking behavior. She asked if I was taking my myfortic like I am supposed to. Since I am at work, she has to describe the pill (the greenish grey one) and I / we changed the dosage to 2 in the morning and 1 at night, from 2 and 2. I remember some changes and thought we were changing the Nueral from 1 and 2 to 1 and 1... and I can feel-see the fuzz (VK synthesis) spreading thru my brain, like dry ice smoke spreading on a stage behind the ballet. I pull myself together and vocalize.... ummm... tell her I could answer better if I had my med schedule and box of pills right in front of me to look at... and we decide I'll call her when I get home in an hour or so.

And then I ask, "So, what's the problem?"... to which she answers that my myfortic level is high... she further explains the lab results on myfortic come a few days after the results she calls me about the night of my lab work (like last post). And, in those results my level of myfortic is 6.3!

Hmmmm. I am searching the corners of my brain for a chart of levels of myfortic. Hmmm... do I find that chart? Well, of course not, having no recolection of myfortic eve
n having levels. "So, what does that mean?", I enquire, in a worried fashion. Bernadette gives me an answer that goes in one ear and out the other because I am listening for words like "delerium", "incontenance", or "impotence"! Evidently it is not 'that' important... and she says she is also calling Dr. Lewis for his thoughts.

I email myself at home to remind me to call her back.

Later: I get home to a sparklingly clean house ~~ our new house cleaner, Adrian (another story) has been here and I reminds me of entering my mom's house when I was a kid, or like going to a hotel that is emaculate and decorated just like my house (how comfo
rting). I like it a lot.

I have a snack
and then call Bernadette back.

"Hi. I have
my current Transplant Medication Sheet and my pill box right in front of me and am... I am taking 2 myfortics in the morning and one in the evening." She says "right" and I go on: "and on little stinky cap in the morning and one at night..." ..."Right". "So, is that what I'm posed to do?" And I add that when I compare that to my open boxes on my pill box I can verify that I filled it correctly, and tell her that.

Bernadette verifies that it sounds like I am doing it right and adds that Dr. Lewis said to just carry on and we'll check the levels again next Tuesday and see what's what. I reply that that doesn't make me feel that much better and she says something about sometimes these things just happen and I shouldn't worry about it but make sure I double check as I fill the box each time... and I am doing good... and to have a good weekend. After our call I go
back and check again going paper by box by paper until I am sure each compartment in the pill box is right. According to the internet (Scott & White), "Symptoms of a mycophenolic acid overdose may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and unusual bleeding or bruising." and I haven't had any of that recently. WHEW!

"Am I paranoid?"
I wonder as I turn on the News and decide what to have for dinner.

Liz & Shayna are down for the last weekend of KFF which I still can't go to because of the DIRT and drifting microbes from people who forgo their wellness to bask in the music
... in other words... come to the ranch sick with colds, flu, and God knows what else. I keep up through peoples' Facebook notes and pics and the pics Theresa, Pat, and Susie send me via email. Thanks Folks! And of course the phone calls from Lizzie and Shayna.

From Last Weekend: At right is a picture of Shayna & Calla serving dinner on the KFF Volunteer Staff Kitchen Krew ~~~~~~>
This is the first year Shayna is officially on the krew.

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