September 12, 2009

Abiding Love Lutheran Church: The Austin Chapter of the PKD Foundation met last night to set up for today's walk, amidst drenching rains... deciding to put the walk signs and such out this morning. This morning we all met at 7 and decided to cancel the walking part, since many parts of our path were under water... to cancel the sumo wrestling and the jumping castle... and to stay indoors for the festivities and speechifying and such. Walk leaders, Candace, Randy, Kim, Dan, Butch and others kept their spirits up even though the walk was a wash... and we all made the best of the lousy weather, visiting, thanking folks who came anyway, explaining PKD, and remembering and honoring those family members lost to PKD. I got to wear the big kidney (pics to come later). Shayna and her team did a good job of participating in the "walk" (actually walking the route and returning soaked to the bone), and helping with the setup and take down. Some of the pics I took are shown here. A number of the "teams" that have made their own team shirts, supporting family members with PKD came, as usual in their matching t-shirts.
Cheryl who comments on this blog often came to visit with us and to see the info about PKD.
Today the "cemetery' was a wall installation with the names people lost to PKD (see # 378).
Two of the family teams t-sh

The Jonas Alvarez Band.
Even tho we were inside, looks like all had a good time. By the way, you can still donate to Shayna's Team Tikkun Olam til the end of October!

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