382) October Clinic Visit

October 14, 2009

NAMC: I am here for my clinic visit. Bernadette does my initial evaluation 20 questions and all are answered positively... and I tell her about having a telangectasia in my gum. BP is good and the doctor gives me my lab results. He remarks that I am more than 6 months post transplant and based on my blood work you couldn't tell I had even had a transplant. He adds that the preliminary cardiac workup he has looks normal too. Liz and I are happy about all this news. I tell him about my telangectasia and he recommends I call Dr. Leary to discuss it and find out who he thinks I should see as a dental surgeon.

We talk about finishing up my Norvasc prescription and then start the new BP meds he wants me to take to cut down my water retention. Other than that, no changes in my current meds, but he does recommend I start some sort of exercise regimen. We set an appointment for early December and we are done and on our way.

I feel very good about how this whole thing is progressing.
Plan to contact David the Social Worker about contacting the donor family.
All the blessings already are.

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Cheryl Martin said...

Wow - can't even tell from your blood work that you've had a transplant!? That's amazing.... and wonderful. Love, YC