387) December Doctor's Visit

December 2, 2009

NAMC: In for my 8 month check up with Dr. Lewis. My vitals were healthy (BP 126/60), and I answered all the nurse questions to indicate that I am healthy, etc. I was happy to see Bernadette, back from her vacation.

Dr. Lewis looked over my labs, asked questions and commented that all continues to be good and that there is a miniscule amount of blood in my urine... taking us off onto a discussion of the blood in my urine throughtout my life, bed rest and home schooling during my second grade year at Topath Elementary School in Avon, Connecticut, and my complete records being destroyed in the US Army Medical Records building fire of 1957 or therabouts... in St. Louis...

So, he wants more regular blood work, ending up in a 24-hour collection and next appointment in February.2010.

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