390) Twenty Ten's First Post ~ Good Labs!

January 7, 2010

Home: Bernadette called tonight to say my labs from Tuesday "were perfect" and I can "go down to one myfortic in the morning" because the level is too high. This is a good thing. Nice way to start my tenth month post transplant, me thinks!

We wish a good, healthy new year for all our kidney kontacts out there: the folks on dialysis; transplantees, and those still worried-sick about their kidney konditions.

We give thanks to all the medical people who make their lives supporting us kidney patients: the docs, nurses, techs, dieticians, phlebotomists, social workers, and lab folks we have to work with...

...and especially in my own world:
Peggy the Lab Tech, Dr. Lewis, Bernadette, and Maxine the LVN.

And, sometime soon in this new year I have to get over to El Milagro to say a special H-N-Y to all those folks over there too.

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