393) Message for New Readers

January 30, 2010

New Readers:
This blog is now so long now that few people have the where-with-all to read it through from beginning to end. However, there are some parts that are of interest to most people, so it is possible to find what you want either by looking in the several indexes, or by looking for the big events, as listed below.

For new blog readers; when you click on a month from the listing of months to the black side bar, please note that you will come in at the LAST post of the month. You page down to return to the beginning of each month. It is the same with Post #'s: page down to find earlier numbers. For your ease, however, the posts listed below are links that'll take you to the specific month.

Starting with the oldest first here are some items you may wish to review, by month:

April, 2006 -->
My First Time ... and page down to post # 1
August, 2006 --> Welcome New Readers ...#47
February, 2007 --> The Hundredth Post ... and page down to # 100
September, 2007 --> Washington Advocacy Trip ... and page down to # 165 (thru 168)
January, 2008 --> INDEX ... and page down to # 207
July, 2008 --> Dialysis @ Kerrville Folk Festival ... and page down to # 251-252
March, 2009 --> My Transplant ... and page down to # 337
September, 2009 --> 6 Month Post Transplant Check Up ... and page down to post 379

Also, you can search the blog for any particular word or name by using the "Find" function on your toolbar. When you click on Find, a new toolbar appears at the bottom of the page. Type in your name or word and click "Next" and you will search the particular month you are viewing. If the word or name is NOT used in that month you must select another month and again click "Next".

Happy Reading!

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