395) Do Transplant Hearts carry memories?

February 14, 2010

Morning News: Picked up from the internet this morning... and thought provoking... wonder if this goes for kidneys too?

"Is part of an organ donor’s personality also transferred to the recipient in a transplant? Yes, contends Pearsall in his book The Heart’s Code, which provides other remarkable examples of transplanted hearts with memories." No mention of kidneys or any other organs aside from the heart in this article report on a book by Paul Pearsall.


Anonymous said...

I agree and say yes. My husband got the gift of life from my sister Jane. Now he goes to the bathroom all the time and with others...lol.
So happy that I found your blog!
Susan from pa

Jack Nowicki said...

Thanks for the comment Susan. My own bathroom experiences are soon to be blogged up here, since my one-year post transplant physical... see # 397. JN