397) Annual Dr. Visit & Physical

March 2, 2010

Liz and I went for my 'annual' physical and 3 month kidney checkup. For the first time we are visiting up here at 10:15 am... they have changed their schedules around and from now on we'll be meeting mid-day Tuesday's instead of late afternoon Wednesdays.

My pre-doc shows I have low temp, 130/70 BP, and weigh 180! I have got to quit eating so much pizza... and exercise some. The doc and Bernadette get to me at the sam
e time, so Bernadette bows out and Dr. Lewis checks me over and discusses the current situation, based on my labs and reports. He reports that my blood count is good, creatine is 1.1, no more blood in the urine, and my levels of myfortic and the neorals are good. However, my calcium is high so I need to double my sensipar for now to see if that works. He concludes that "you couldn't tell you have ever been sick".

I bring up my concerns with my drippy hose and its urgency to turn on when it has to, and he discusses my three option: 1) get a test and then start Flomax; 2) start Flomax without the test to see if it makes a difference; or, 3) have an exploratory operation. I choose #2, and he writes me a prescription and we will meet in two months to check if that is working. If so, we're in good shape. If not, we go on to explore the other options.

Bernadette comes in in her new glasses and we chat about the changes in meds, etc. So, we are all done again and ready to move into year number two living with Mordechai the Miracle Kidney! Stay tuned for a birthday party for Mordechai... coming up on March 9th!

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