404) THIS WEEK IS National PKD Week!

September 14, 2010

This is National PKD Awareness Week!
"What's that?" you say?
Its the week where we PKD People let the world know more about our disease! Visit the PKD Website now to find out more.

Unfortunately, Austin is NOT having a PKD Walk for the Cure this year, because the interest in our local chapter has fizzled. There is one, however in San Antonio

Saturday, September 25, 201o
Check it out! Donate! Go and Walk!

Later: Liz and I met with Dr. Sankar, a young, curly headed Indian with a quick smile and a completely American voice. He got to the office after we had been waiting for 20 minutes, which allowed me to read two of my student's first papers on their theory of change.

Dr. Sankar rushed in, apologizing for being late by saying he just got out of surgery. He again explained how the lower right parathyroid gland has enlarged and the others are asleep and we'll clip that one out and the others should wake up and start doing their jobs. The operarion takes about 1 and a half hours from start to finish, will be done early in the morning and then I'll "hang out" in the hospital for a few days (maybe up to 4 or 5) while they pump me up with calcium til my sleeping glands take over the job. It is impossible to tell how long that'll take and he wants me in the hospital through that process.

So, all we have to do now is decide WHEN I'll go in. After some discussion about when is best for Liz, best for me, etc., we decided that I'll go in next Tuesday morning at 5 am.

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