406) Calcium Dips

September 22, 2010

Up by 6 am cause lots of poking and testing here. I started playing on the Mac Dr. Lewis pops in about 8 and reports that my Calcium looks good and I may be able to check out today. WOW. Bernadette pops in an hour or two later and asks if Dr. Sankar embedded a piece of my parathyroid in me somewhere and my completely confused expression told her I had no idea what she was talking about. She says, "sometimes they put a little piece of it back in you somewhere to get the extra hormone out and back into your system." Weird!

The rest of the morning goes by expectedly: Eunice the Nursing student from ACC comes in to take my BP, temp, and pulse a few times... and is attended by her instructor, Sherry, Cheryl, Ashley, or some other similar name. I have confused it several times already... Barbara comes by to say "HI", gets me some Nursing station coffee to supplement the food service coffee.
I must say though, the food at this place is the best hospital food I have ever had! My over easy egg, hash browns, and bacon this morning were wonderful. My lunch of a vegetarian quesadilla filled with zucchini, grilled onions, and peppers and here-made pinto beans was also really tasty. I think I may have written about the food here when I got my tra
nsplant too. Lizzie comes over from the school and joins me for lunch, and eats my salad (which I really ordered for her anyway). She's off back over there for a meeting from 3 til 5. If I stay tonite, Shayna wants to come up to see me.

Later: So, finally, at about 2, Dr. Sankar pops in after surgeries and reports that all is going well: my calcium is dropping just he thought and he believes it'll drop a bit more before starting to rally. He also told me about a reading I hadn't heard about. It started at 10.3, then dropped to 10 and last time dropped again to 8.4. He anticipates another drop and then maybe it'll start going up again. He is doubling my calcium intake to rush the whole process along.

I called Liz with the news and post it here for the rest of you arm chair physicians.

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