410) Transplant Clinic Dr. Appt.

November 11, 2010

NAMC: Appointment with Dr. Lewis. He checked my throat scar and the swelling that has now gone completely. All good. Prodded my body and checked my labs. The report: everything is just fine. Parathyroid glands are awakening... my calcium was high.

So I can go from my 1, 2, 1 regimen down to 1 Oscal in the morning and one at night. As my parathyroid glands wake up they start producing calcium and therefore I need to take less oscal.

In short, labs look good, parathyroid glands are doing fine, BP and creatnine is great. I'm a clean machine! Next appointment set for February, with annual meds before the appointment.


Catheleen said...

Yeaaa! Life is good!


Jack Nowicki said...

Yes Cathe, life is good! I am extremely fortunate to have done as well as possible with my PKD, dialysis, transplant, and the little tweeks afterwards. It has taught me to cherish every minute of my life and to find the bright side, rather than moping around in funk-land. JN