439) Happy 4th Birthday Mordechai

March 9, 2013 

An auspicious day, today!  Lizzie and I spent the day finding her the gold Honda CRV she has wanted for some time... and bought it! Went to her mom's for a delightful dinner.  And, I had a slice of coconut cream pie in celebration of that great day four years ago, when I was laid up in NAMC having my kidney transplant!

Happy Birthday Mordechai! Four candles & one to grow on.  Thank you to my donor and Dr. Lewis, and Bernadette, and everyone else on that great transplant team (Dr Sankora, Rachel from NOLA, Mark the transport guy) and everyone on 4 North (Pauline from Kenya, Luvi, Jeffrey, Kristy, and all the rest); and John my son who came to spot Lizzie so she could go sleep.  Oh yeah, and Kim who said we HAD to name the little guy.

Onward Thru the Fog!

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