446) Video from Facebook

June 25, 2015 

I have been doing a lot more on Facebook in the last year or so and although I still check on this blog and am still considering how to update it to match my current lifestyle, once in awhile I find something that belongs up here where readers who check this can find information.  
This video is one that I really like and brings an important message to all who might be reading about PKD, dialysis, and transplants.




445) Happy 6th Anniversary of my Transplant

March 12, 2015

The Birthday Dinner: This year we played it low key.  Did have Dale & Jan Yonkin over for Sunday dinner the day before the 9th.  That in itself was a wonderful re-uniting: Liz had never met Dale or Jan and we had a grand time telling stories and getting re-acquainted.  Will have to see them more regularly.

The Birthday of Mordechai the Miracle Kidney: Again low key.  My thoughts are that the first 5 years are monumental and deserve recognition.  Now I am thinking that 10 years, 15 years, and 25 years will be the BIG Birthdays to celebrate... kind of like wedding anniversaries.

Transplant Clinic Appointment: Liz & I went in for clinic visit on March 10th.  Dr. Lewis again reported that I am doing great! "You got a gang-buster kidney!".  Creatinine is perfect, etc. etc.  We are happy and I am relieved.  On the way home I realize that I always get quite anxious and edgy the week or so before my appointment.  Then, afterwards I am in a very good mood for days. 

For example, BP the next afternoon is 110/60.

Next blood work scheduled for June and next appt for March, 2016

Toast with Water!  Oh yeah, and today is World Kidney Day!